Mar 2019 - ongoing

Individual Project
Tools: DSLR, Modul8, Adobe Suit

Featured in:
- B&H Blog

‘Symbiosis’ is a collection of different representations of the same body of work. An exploration of the contradicting aspects of human made city environments and human made natural spaces such as parks and gardens. This project includes photographs, interactive projection mapping, videos and other explorations, reflecting on the effects of different mediums over the same concept.

Focusing on the interplay of light and shadow in the two of the most contradicting aspects of New York, the concrete jungle  and the nature that can be found in parks and streets of the city. The experimental project initially started in the form of a photography essay.

Later I decided to explore with the software Modul8, where I could create interactive projection mapping that reacted to both sounds and music. Here I used default effects from the software, ambient noise as a way of distorting the images and manual controls, all of these affecting how the pictures interacted with each other.
The projection mapping tho not recorded, it was screen captured and edited into a video. The result was first called Symbiosis. A term that was later applied to the whole body of experimentations and not just the video of the projection mapping tests.
Screenshots of the projection mapping reacting to friends and ambient music were taken in order to return the project to its original photographic form.
This digital photographs of a physical event, were later printed to return physicality to the body of work.

The project is still considered as on-going since I am still photographing these contradictions and playing around with different mediums of presenting the concept. The process is more of the artwork than the result of the same