Sensing Time
Aug 2020

Collaboration: Herin Haramoto, Norris Hung, Majo Tamayo

‘Sensing Time’ is a conceptual walkable art installation that explores chronoception. Although the concept of time is often refered as a human construct, it is something we can also see in the rhythms of nature and other living creatures. In ‘Sensing Time’ we wante to explore the alteration of our perception of time in order to better empathize with other organisms and planetary events.

Environmental pressures have always pushed living organisms to adapt to their surroundings. This is a common behavior of the natural world. That being said, for humans, these behavior is also influence by technology, creating an interplay between evolution and technology.

Since the moment we as a race started using tools, technology was created. This marked a new stage in the evolutionary road of our species, since technology became a tool for humans to alter their evolution process and augment themselves.

Extract from: The Powers of Ten
Extract from: The Powers of Ten

Most importantly, the use of tools allowed for an augmentation of our perception. The invention of film and cameras, allowed us to slow or fast forward our perception of time, and understand fast or slow process that would have been invisible due to our organic limitations. Despite this, some processes are at a time scale so different to ours, that empathizing with them is a challenge for our species.

In ‘Sensing Time’, the device allows someone to slow down and speed up time on the objects in the frame by moving the device forwards and backwards. By moving it backwards, one may clearly see the individual flaps of a bee's wing. By moving the device forwards, one can see the "rhythm of breathing" of a glacier over decades. 

Problems such as Climate Change can evade our civilization's ability to adapt or empathize to it - partly due to our inability to perceive it.
By allowing the viewer to move outside of "human time", this installation hopes to help its audience empathize with events and organisms that exist on other timescales.